Mexico City

On a recent visit to Mexico I toured the newly re-launched, upscale department store El Palancio de Hierro in Mexico City. Housing a large array of top designer hard shops it was a nice opportunity to see many new store concepts under one roof. Stand out trends in finishes and fixturing included: wall overlay lattice work in several mediums such as fine metal or acrylic and open wall displays for small leather goods.

In addition to build outs several fresh merchandising ideas were presented. A rod iron fence served as a back drop for mannequins wove through the main promenade; it could easily work for windows or as a back drop in a fashion show. At Dior and Chanel, as well as many others, wigs were featured on the mannequins and looked fresh both in windows and in store. Never a fan of silk flowers they were taken to a new level here; my favorites were the Valentine windows for BONBON by Viktor & Rolf Valentine. The real show stopper was a mannequin cluster perched against, and on top of, large mirrored pillars.



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