Looking to make shopping a little easier?  Have the clothes come to you.  Take the stress of “what am I going to wear” away by having your wardrobe for a season planned and secured in advance.  Need a trained eye and an objective opinion to help edit? Despise shopping?  Are you due for a closet re-organization?  Would you like to indulge in a guided boutique tour with optional pre-shopping?  Are you in search of a fresh idea for a girl’s night out?  Or are you simply in need of some personal styling?  Our La Perspective team works closely with independent, major and online retailers to present a curated selection of wardrobe options whenever and wherever you may need.  We will honor your budget and deliver the results you desire.

Founder Heather Smith’s passion for finding just the right thing for clients drew her to her role as Director of Designer Womenswear at Holt Renfrew in Toronto, Canada.  After years of attending runway shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York to hand select items for clients, as well as traveling to several cities to work individually with clients at Trunk Shows and events, has honed Heather’s Personal Shopping skills.  To date she has dressed busy parents, professionals, actors, socialites and royalty; the common denominator is clients who value their personal time and want, or need, great style.

Within her career Heather has had the privilege of working with many designers including Ralph Lauren, Jil Sander, Trish McEvoy, Giorgio Armani, Dean Hutchinson, Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, Richard Tyler, Karl Lagerfeld, Lida Baday, Christine Moore, Robert Graham, Leibe Gamble, Carolina Herrera, Suzi Roher, Peter Cohen, Andy D’Auria and Tom Ford. Hearing designer’s inspirations first-hand has helped Heather fully understand that the true beauty of a woman emanates from her confidence within. We know that if you look good, you will feel good, and carry that confidence throughout all aspects of your life.

Personal Styling: An in depth style consultation and analysis. Styling and photography for professional and personal profiles also available.

Personal Shopping for out of Town Clients: Don’t let your location limit your wardrobe and styling needs.  FaceTime and Skype make this a great option. We will come to you.

Personal Shopping: Shop in the comfort of your home and office, or book a shopping trip with an objective shopping partner. We are continually reviewing assortments so we can identify just the right resources for you.  Optional pre-shopping is available because we know your time is valuable.

Wardrobe and Closet Reorganization: Save time and frustration.  Shop your closet.  Re-invent or eliminate the pieces you never seem to reach for.  We will organize your closet for you and/or fine tune your assortment, and identify any key items you may be missing.

Tailoring: Ensure your pieces have the most flattering fit.  Our tailor can come to you.

Events: Host a Girls Night Out shopping evening with a stylist on hand to help all of you create that special look.  Or, have the party at home with a stylist on hand.  Plan a clothes swap party.  There are endless options, we will work with you to create the perfect event!

Gifting: Birthdays, anniversaries, corporate needs. Let our team do the work for you and save time.

Gift Certificates: Customized and available upon request.

At La Perspective we are committed to your personalized styling needs.  Call or e-mail to book your appointment today.  It will be our pleasure to serve you!

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